teamLab x XTD
2020-12-26 17:41 更新
负责日本teamLab团队在中国内陆新天地集团首次的大型户外艺术项目巡回第一站,同时也是2017上海灯光艺术节的亮灯仪式。活动主要负责协调艺术 装置的呈现内容,中国地区落地和博欧方面的媒体推广。内容活动人流总计 593,782人,媒体曝光37,800,000。The first major outdoor art project of the teamLab in China, also the lighting ceremony of Shanghai Light Art Festival. The activities are mainly responsible for coordinating project content, landing and media content. The total number of content activities was 593,782 and the media exposed 37,800,000.