Crackingart national Tour
2020-12-26 17:42 更新
聚焦人与自然和谐关系,Poe帮助意大利团队将可回首装置带入中国,合作新天地。活动主要负责活动主要负责协调艺术装置的呈现内容,中国地区落地 和博欧方面的媒体推广。内容活动人流总计 843,660人,媒体曝光43,800,000。Focusing on human-nature harmony, Poe helps Italian teams bring back the device into China to work with shanghai Xintiandi. Mainly responsible coordinate the display content of art device, landing and poe media promotion.The total number of content activities was 843,660 and the media exposed 43,800,000.