MemoBox Packaging design
2020-4-3 00:54 更新
Shape - “hexagon- stable love” Visual - each irregular colour block can couple with the other piece and make up into a whole “square” same as lover - you will finally find the other half and make your life complete This project is not only to create visual & packaging design of giftbox but also to create social buzz and benefit brand communication make young people want to picture & post this gift on social media There are also 9 cards provided in the box to invite consumers to play with 3 themes ( pronunciation same in Chinese) “蜜”- sweet “秘”- secret “觅”- exploration Each theme corresponding to 3 cards that can be filled following instructions by lovers and then collected inside box MeemoBox is more than packaging, and can be kept as memory box between lovers. 形状-抓住“六边形-稳固爱情”元素 视觉-每块不规则的颜色分别可以找到“互相吻合的另一半” 礼盒设计充分考虑现代社交媒体的传播性使其易于拍照传播 对年轻群体具有话题性与吸引力 同时礼盒也具有”可玩“的互动性 礼盒内提供一对卡片 情侣们可以分别根据引导写下关于3个主题”蜜“ ”秘“ ”觅“的情话与寄语 并将卡片保存于独立的盒子里 MeemoBox 不仅仅是包装,好看好拍让品牌具有更广的传播度 更能够在情感上引发共鸣 让消费者愿意保留下包装,成为他们这年情人节最能记住的美好回忆